Don’t know what to get Grandad or Uncle Tom for Christmas? Why not try treating them to a really nice ‘homemade’ gift, that will only cost you a few quid, but beat any auld box of toffees you could possibly get in a shop. Yes, I’m talking about mason jars stuffed with jellies or whatever else you can get your hands on. Ikea and TK Maxx are your best bet to get them at a reasonable price in Dublin, Stock also do them however they tend to be a bit on the expensive side.

Mixed Christmas Sweet JarsI picked up these two jars at TK Maxx for €2.99 each. They both have random fruit designs on them, so some ribbon and bows were needed to make them look a bit festive. They’re for two old men, so I went with a mix of Hard Gums, Fruit Pastilles, Jelly Babies, Jelly Beans and Liquorice Allsorts. To keep the cost down I paid a visit to Lidl and they have boxes upon boxes of their own brand sweets and jellies – Something to suit everyone.  These two were a steal considering it cost me less than €2 to fill both jars. (According to my Granny, old men can’t suck boiled sweets quietly, so it’s best to leave that sort of stuff out if you want to stay sane throughout Christmas day).

Mixed Christmas Sweet Jars




This is one of the lovely Ikea jars, which I took the liberty of half eating last night (just so you can see what a half empty jar looks like). American Hard Gums have to be one of my favourite sweets, after Refreshers of course! So I tend to fill a jar with them every few months to keep me ticking over. This 1L jar took 3 bags around €2.10 to fill.

Mixed Christmas Sweet Jars



Finally, don’t bother with selection boxes for kids. I’ve had them for the past 15 odd years and they’re almost as bad as the Lynx giftsets at this stage.. Get your hands on some jam jars or small mason jars and fill them with little sweets. A 7/8oz jar will last roughly the same as a selection box, provided the mother doesn’t let them finish it before dinner. I used the standard 7/8oz jars we use at The Purple Pantry and filled them with jelly beans & jelly babies. Making sure to wrap each with different ribbons, stick some bows on and of course a tag to add that personal touch.

It’s not rocket science, but it’s a really easy way to give homemade gifts with so little time left till Christmas. It also allows you to tailor the jars to suit each persons needs. And to the smart arse out there who will claim these aren’t homemade.. The jars are filled and wrapped in the home – thus being homemade ;)

You can find a list of the products I used below, should anyone wish to rush out and buy some sweets.

  • American Hard Gums – Lidl
  • Jelly Beans – Lidl
  • Jelly Babies – Lidl
  • Fruit Pastilles – Lidl
  • Liquorice Allsorts – Lidl
  • 1L Mason Jar – €2.99 – TK Maxx
  • 1L KORKEN Jar – €2.00 – Ikea