Starting Fresh

There is literally hundreds of revisions on this post, going back as far as 2013. I’ve been meaning to return to blogging for years. Yes, it really has been 5-6 years since I last properly sat down and posted something. I actually accidentally deleted the recipe archive one night, I’m still not sure how or why I didn’t just instantly roll back the previous hours backup, but that’s around 4 years work down the drain 🙂

So lately I’ve been working full time, running The Purple Pantry and as of June, we added C+H to the lineup, a micro café (that isn’t really micro anymore) for markets and events. Having that much going on drives stress levels up and shaves hours off my sleep each night.

I started ordering in “healthy meals” from Galway back in October to try to stop myself from getting takeaways on the way home. Around two weeks ago I decided to stop, half of them tasted like balls anyway. I actually went to a supermarket, bought fresh food and managed to prep 3 days worth of food in a little under two hours.

Not being an egg person, breakfast is still a bitch to get right. I can do the whole yoghurt and granola for two mornings before I get bored, I then skip for 5 days and the cycle starts again. I’m thinking 2018 will be the year of bars & muffins for me.

Maybe a breakfast muffin will be the first recipe that goes up, who knows..

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